LG is developing a system of artificial intelligence

By LG, designed according to network sources, organized a research project related to the development of artificial intelligence – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is noted that in the framework of a comprehensive initiative LG has formed a new division. It is composed of two research centers, one of which specializes in robotics, the other – on the deep learning technologies.

It is assumed that the artificial intelligence system LG will find the widest application. It may be “smart” appliances, automotive platform for the Internet of things devices and so forth.

It is also possible that LG is working on its own voice assistant with AI elements. Such an assistant, according to rumors, will be part of the future LG flagship smartphone.

It is estimated that in 2016 around the world used about 3.5 billion devices with voice assistant. In this case, the bulk of these gadgets were just smartphones. By 2021, as expected, the total number of devices with digital assistants reach 7.5 billion. Moreover, the market will develop not only through smartphones and tablets, but also thanks to the introduction of voice assistant for home appliances, as well as “smart” automobiles to the Internet -Connection. Thus, LG expects to gain a foothold in the rapidly growing market of AI-assistants.



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