PlayStation VR: Shooter, Skyrim, vSport and horror in virtual reality

PlayStation VR: Shooter, Skyrim, VSPORT and horror in virtual reality

E3 2017 Sony has announced next games for the PlayStation 4 more titles for the VR headset PlayStation VR. Among them are a first-person shooter, a horror adventure and the time-honored RPG Sykrim that brings Bethesda into virtual reality.

Bravo Team

Bravo Team has been called ” tactical co-op shooter presented”. Must be fought in a fictional Eastern European city of the present age. There, a Eskortauftrag it misses the target, after which sinks into the area in chaos in which two players in a row ” chaotic firefights have to work together” in order to survive.

As the title itself is just playing, lets developers Supermassive Games open for now. The term also used ” first person shooter VR cover ” but suggests that players from cover to teleport to cover. Body movements are detected by the VR system, the objectives of the arms will be within the Aim controller (Test), which is integral for the concept.

The Inpatient

In addition to Bravo team Supermassive Games is working on The Inpatient. It is another horror adventure in the universe of Until Dawn (Test), but plays 60 years before the events of the PlayStation 4 game. From the PR perspective players to experience a story as a patient with memory loss in Blackwood sanatorium.

There it is to find out who is the alter ego actually is and why it is staying in the sanatorium. The player’s reactions to other inmates and staff of the facility are just as how decisions ” profound and dramatic ” impact on the course of the game. To increase the immersion, players can also speak loudly to make contact with the characters.


Competition principles to the fore is Sparc. The title will transform the space in front of the TV into a virtual place where other players meet virtually and deregister Matches – Sparc should VSPORT, so virtual sports, will take the tennis as a model.

The sport is to throw the Move controllers projectiles at the enemy and block its projectiles either or avoid them, demand is full of physical exertion. The speed and pacing of a match will depend on the players. In addition to the meetings, one on one, there will be challenges, serve the practicing of the game mechanics. Sparc is to appear in the third quarter of 2017, first for the PlayStation VR. On other platforms, it will create the game later.

Skyrim VR

Skyrim get a virtual reality version for PlayStation VR: While Fallout 4 is a VR version of the HTC Vive, The Elder Scrolls V. As with Fallout the entire game, including two extensions from the first-person perspective can be played with a VR glasses. The publication of Sykrim VR has been announced for November 2017th



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