ARK: Survival Evolved: End of Early Access and Ragnarok Mod as DLC

ARK: Survival Evolved: End of Early Access and Ragnarok-Mod as DLC

After about 26 months Early Access ARK is: Survival Evolved later than planned as a finished game on the market. The revealed during the E3 2017 release date is August 8, 2017 and applies to all platforms. In addition, the Community Mod Ragnarok was chosen as an official, free DLC for the game.

Since the beginning of June 2015, ARK: Survival Evolved represented as early access version on Steam. The player is stranded in one of prehistoric creatures – especially dinosaurs – populated world and must henceforth alone or in multiplayer mode together or fighting against each other for survival.

One example is that Early Access can function

The unfinished development status did not prevent the game from becoming the meantime become one of the most played games on Steam. In the top of the title played more than 100,000 players at the same time and currently he is still to be found in the top 10 most played games. Nearly nine million players should ARK according to developers include Studio Wildcard now and it was ” the most successful game of the entire Steam Early Access stage “.

The numerous free updates that brought not only bug fixes, but above all loads of new content with it, made the game a positive example of Steam’s Early Access program. Only when the developers brought out with Scorched Earth in September 2016 a paid expansion, many players showed outraged, what was reflected in numerous negative reviews Steam.

New buyers have to shell out 60 to 180 euros

For owners of the early access version (currently 27.99 euros on Steam) is available with the release of the final version on August 8, no cause for indignation. For the full price of 59.99 euros (PC) they do not pay, the early access version is simply the full version. The same should apply to the published on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 pre-release versions, new buyers have to pay 69.99 euros here. The prices include only the basic game ARK: Survival Evolved.

The extension Scorched Earth will continue to be sold separately and is 99.99 euros (PC) respectively 109.99 euros (PS4, X B1) costing Explorer’s Edition includes: These editions bring next to the main game the Season Pass with which all previous and unlock for 2018 planned DLCs. The limited collector’s edition is apparently only for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are provided, costs 179.99 euros (exclusive to Amazon) and is therefore in a wooden box with the following physical additional content:

  • A handmade bound in leather notebook with the dossiers of every creature in the game
  • The official trailer ARK
  • A cloth map of the ARK Island
  • A poster of Studio wildcard development team
  • The official ARK: Survival Evolved soundtrack

New content for publication and then

“Perfected” with the release of version will keep new content into the game collection, which are the exact, Studio wildcards Jeremy Stieglitz does not want to reveal. Even after new content for the game to be created. Whether they appear as free or kaufbares DLC package remains to be seen.

For those players who have been delighted with every update of the Early Access period, ARK is thanks to the new and surprising contents in the publication – even a lot more fun – and beyond. We have planned more gameplay, more creatures and new story elements for the future.

Jeremy Stieglitz, co-founder and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard

Community Mod Ragnarok now as an official extension

on the other hand is definitely free the next fan-created modification of the game, which will now be sold as official expansion. After the Map The Center and the Total Conversion Primitive + Ragnarok was chosen. Developed by David Miller, Matt Janz and Jackson Lawrence Mod brings a new map with a size of 144 square kilometers, including new respectively modified creatures with it. On Steam, the map is already available as official DLC, game consoles to be operated in July. Ragnarok is not yet completed and will also receive updates.

The modding for ARK can also pay off financially, because received within the presented in February Sponsored Mod Program every month 15 chosen Mod projects a “scholarship” in the amount of US $ 4,000 and the chance to later as the official content of the game counting.



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