Huawei Innovation Day: Europe is to invest billions more in gigabit networks

Huawei Innovation Day for Europe to invest billions more in gigabit networks

Huawei calls for a massive expansion of network infrastructure in Europe to pave the way for 5G. The next generation mobile should be available in parallel to an expanded 4G from 2020 onwards. As before, the billion-fold networking devices, people and infrastructure is the goal of 5G.

Europe has a great need for the complete digitization said Ken Hu, Rotating CEO of Huawei, Huawei within the European Innovation Day 2017 in London. Users and companies would demand faster connections, Hu said. The planned European investments in the amount of 345 billion euros by 2025 were not sufficient for a comprehensive digitization predicts Huawei.

One gigabit per second is the goal

155 billion euros more – so a total of 500 billion euros – would be needed for the realization of the gigabit society, which was proclaimed in September of last year, Ken Hu said. By 2025, a downstream and upstream of one gigabit per second, the standard in Europe have been.

Huawei benefits from network expansion

in its calculations Huawei involves the cost of the fixed network and mobile communications. Given the dependence of new mobile networks from a solid fixed network infrastructure that is just right. That Huawei as one of the largest network equipment maker – in addition to Ericsson and Nokia – could benefit immensely financially from an infrastructure modernization and digitization of society, must be part of events such as the European Innovation Day, on which the current CEO of Huawei for an even stronger expansion advertises, however, be observed.

5G and 4G will coexist

2020 continues to be the launch date stated Huawei 5G, the successor but not the replacement of 4G (LTE). Perhaps this is also to create in the year of 2019. 5G provides for a billion-fold networking of devices with bandwidths of targeted 10 Gbit / s and latency of one millisecond or less. It will integrate the infrastructure, machines and robots, automobiles, devices for consumer and generally the entire Internet of Things with each other wirelessly. 5G is parallel to 4G and its stage of development exist 4.5G. The correct term for this intermediate step is LTE Advanced Pro. Intermediate solution that call only 5G, but do not offer the capabilities, Huawei holds nothing.

100 billion connections

Within the next eight years there is to be a five-fold increase of the active compounds compared to 2015, according to Huawei; 100 instead of 20 billion connections were the result. By 2025, 75 percent of all households, the number of smart devices to be connected with broadband world, rising to a total of 40 billion, operate 100 percent of all companies in the cloud, and perform 85 percent of their applications in the cloud and the global data resources of all people on 180 Zettabyte climb; that’s 180 billion terabytes.



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