Sony: Shadow of the Colossus and more on the E3

Sony has added to the E3 a small technical innovation that allows the use of smartphones and tablets as a controller, but above all, many games in the luggage. Among them are well known projects, but also a handy surprise: Shadow of the Colossus receives a remaster treatment and Horizon Zero Dawn a DLC.

Days Gone

The open-world action play Days Gone is made for players with another gameplay trailer tasty. Hero Deacon does not appear here on the run from zombie hordes but as mercenaries in a merciless world and crosses the open game world on a motorcycle and finally turns off a bandit camp. The biggest threat in the game, the developers said, are humans, not zombies.

The journey is motivated not by the requests of another survivor for help – that is why this protagonist is very little. On the contrary, Deacon just wants to save a friend. The main focus of the game is how developers run questions about the meaning of life as opposed to pure survival or the reason for hope in hopeless situations.

The world is to derive its charm from its unpredictability. There is no need to search for a threat. Thus, incidents caused by bandits “almost never” by script triggered events, they would be part of a dynamic world. The various threats can be combated with weapons, skills, traps or objects from a crafting system, or played against each other. Sony does not announce an appearance date for the game.


God of War

As announced last year, the focus of God of War has shifted. At the center of this upcoming series is the relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus, who are going on a journey together again, as this year’s E3 trailer shows.

The conversations between the two at least indicate that Kratos will no longer rely solely on pure violence. The new God of War will be released in early 2018.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of the best open-world action games for a long time thanks to the interesting setting and the lack of microtransactions. The game world is now expanded this year by DLC with a new area and a new story.

At the center of the DLC are ice landscapes and the fourth tribe of the Banuk, which is only represented in the main game. Sony also promises fresh opponents. Whether the DLC is linked to the events of the main game is unknown. Horizon Oz Dawn is required to play.


Knack 2

Knack was part of the launch of games on PlayStation 4. The platformer drove only moderate reviews because of the shallow gameplay, but was able to initiate a debate about game ratings – the title was quite successful with younger players. Part 2 is now to have universal success and appeal to children as well as adults – accessibility and challenges Sony wants to connect in the future.

Heldknack, the rock formation, will continue to change its size and shape according to the amount of material taken, but it can now access 20 attacks and now also control tanks or robots. In addition, puzzles should play a bigger role in bringing more variety into the game. Players can also allow other users to enter at any time by activating or recording a second controller; A second person, Sony writes, can always appear in the game without waiting or loading time. Show will be Knack 2 on September 5.


Shadow of the Colossus Remastered

Shadow of the Colossus is often ranked among the best ever released games. The PlayStation 2 classic will also receive a real remastered version, which is developed for the PlayStation 4, after an HD version for the PlayStation 3.

Details about the game are not yet available. The first moving pictures in a trailer demonstrate, however, that the new version will make a considerable leap forward in the graphical sense – the performance quality appears to be high.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

More than advertising and fan service is the contribution to the standalone extension The Lost Legacy, which will appear on August 23rd. Sony does not have new information in stock due to the long-standing announcement and the forthcoming publication.

The trailer merely provides a glimpse of a central conflict between the two protagonists, Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer. In addition, the antognist Asav, a kind of warlord, is presented, who makes Ross and Frazer compete in the treasure hunt.



Sony shows, unlike Microsoft, no new hardware, but technical innovations. With PlayLink the company wants to make smartphone or tablet to an input device for the PlayStation 4. Specifically, the company is focused on the camera, touch screen and sensors of the mobile companion – this allows new ways of designing games without incurring costs for new input devices.

The game is supposed to be played with the additional devices in the group, Sony – PlayLink is supposed to counter classic game games from Nintendo. Numerous titles are already offered for the start of the function. This includes the comedy quiz, “That’s You!”, Where players can take self-images and make short drawings – such as hats and mustaches.

Other games of this kind are the thriller Hidden Agenda, a detective adventure, where up to six players make decisions about the progress of the story. Not all participants should follow the same goals. Four players can also play mini-games in Frantics, while eight users in SingStar Celebration replace the microphone with a smartphone.




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