Google Pixel 2: Apparently LG HTC as a producer

Just yesterday we were talking about that the Google pixel 2 – at least one of the new models – with a display in 18: 9 format should be. A bit longer ago is that we learned that Google could imagine three smartphones may, if the pixel is in the fall in the second round.

Now there is some news to report and should come true, it is probably nothing instead two models appear with these three smartphones or will be. We talked at the time that there are with “Walleye”, “Muskie” and “taimen” three smartphones in the pipeline, all provided with project names that refer to fish.

One of these three names – Muskie – could be eliminated, according to Android Police. It would have been traded to the Google pixel XL 2, which would not deleted. Instead, “taimen” as the larger variant was to “normal” pixels to serve 2 and replace the real XL 2nd

Would mean that present themselves bottom line does not change much in Google’s release policy and the Californians again this year two differently sized pixels smartphones.

LG instead of HTC? Or is it both?

Very interesting is that there is pretty solid evidence that at least one of the new models will be produced by LG after last year HTC was awarded the contract for both devices. At least the issue tracker Google refers clearly on LG:


You recognize the email address that points to the Google partner LG in the reported bug, also you can see the reference to “Android> Partners> External> LGE> taimen> power” that directly connect between the device with project name ” taimen “and LG Electronics manufactures.

Specifically, it is at the Issue to the USB Power Delivery standard, but the more exciting information for us is just that we get this clear evidence of LG. That is still no definitive proof that LG actually builds the larger of the new pixel smart phones, but certainly a sign or a clue.

So we now but still do not know whether LG, HTC has actually replaced as Google partner for smartphone production, or whether the cooperation might only relates to this an explicit model. It would be both feasible: LG builds both models, or LG and HTC share the task.

LG’s by no means an unknown quantity in terms of cooperation with Google and was responsible for several Nexus devices. Unthinkable is a renewed partnership therefore certainly not and we are now waiting on whether you get the verified so in the foreseeable future and whether HTC is at least for a handset still one of the party or has just been completely replaced by LG.



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