Vodafone: Prepaid and contract tickets as of July by video-ID procedure

Vodafone network capacityVodafone Sim Cards via Video Ident -Vodafone now offers its customers a new service and allows the activation of Sim cards by video-ID method. The amendment applies not only to contract cards, but also for prepaid contracts from July.

Vodafone Sim Cards via Video Ident

From now on, Vodafone customers can use the video-ident procedure when completing a new mobile contract. The system is available directly during the graduation and is performed by professionally trained agents. You need the ID card or passport as well as any terminal with video and Internet connection. Participation is open daily between 7am and 11pm.

The agents check the ID card data and then send a six-digit TAN number via SMS, which is used to digitally sign the contract. “Afterwards, Vodafone checks again the collected data and sends the SIM card and possibly a new device to the customer.” The package can also be delivered to a package shop or a packing station thanks to the new procedure.

Vodafone prepaid cards from July

As of July, Vodafone also uses the video-ident procedure for the activation of prepaid cards and checks the identity of the customer via an ID document. Vodafone explains:

The out for prepaid cards from the supermarket? Not at all. The Vodafone card can be easily accessed from any location by means of identification via video. The customer places the SIM card in his smartphone or tablet and is prompted for self-registration after starting the web browser. Then we start with the video identification. Vodafone checks the data entered in the next step and clears the SIM card. The customer does not need to be in the WLAN. If the customer does not have a smartphone or tablet, he can identify himself via any other camera and Internet-capable device.

Buyers who purchase a Vodafone prepaid card in a shop on site need do nothing more. Employees have already made the identification by ID Card. For purchases in stores, customers will receive a link to the video identification procedure via email. The deadline for identification is 14 days. Orders in the Vodafone online shop can be made directly via video-Ident. Alternatively, customers also have the opportunity to complete this at a later time (within 14 days).

Under www.vodafone.de continue to Prepaidsimkarten available.



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