Lian Li PC-O11WW: spacious enclosure in the unusual coloring

Consumer interest to make his debut in the end of last year, housing Lian Li the PC-O11 does not dry out, which has led the Taiwanese manufacturer to release a new version. Initially, “eleven” was only available in one color scheme – black. In May, he was joined by a special version of the PC-O11WGX for the brand ASUS ROG fans. Outside, it is different textured bezel and inside – a cut in the motherboard tray for mounting a 360 mm radiator LSS. The difference in the cost of PC-O11 and PC-O11WGX was impressive – about € 100, so the output of a less expensive option was asking. Such was the body Lian Li PC-O11WW.


New “dressed up” is by no means over-year, with the final mix of a very unusual happened. Exterior panels are mainly made in white, some of the internal metal and rubber parts are black, and the top of the housing and frame panels of tempered glass – silver (they paint or anodize, apparently, did not have to).

Designing PC-O11WW, engineers and designers Lian Li, most likely focused on fans of “factory” modding, who plan to assemble a PC (stand) with white accessories and / or illumination.

Another option colors PC-O11 - black, with a white front inset
Another option colors PC-O11 – black, with a white front inset

His structure of PC-O11WW model has adopted is not in the above-mentioned versions of ROG (PC-O11WGX), while the debut version, released in December 2016. «Eleventh” represents unobscured two-piece body-mart for installing large-sized PC nodes, including motherboard form factor E-ATX (or smaller) cards with sides of 430 × 150 mm and a radiator LSS size of 320 × 120 × 70 mm. Limiting the height CPU cooler 150 mm – “hint” to the need to build or purchase liquid cooling system.

The housing weighs 10.6 kg at 457 dimensions (L) × 277 (W) × 506 (H) mm. For model PC-O11 family can buy an optional accessory – PCI-E riser O11-1 . It is useful for vertical (parallel matplate) one or two video editing. The adapter is currently available only in black color.

The recommended price for Lian Li PC-O11WW traditionally not cheap for the Japanese market was only 5.6% higher than the black version – ¥ 37 800 (19 604 rubles.) Against ¥ 35 800 (18 567 rub.). Accordingly, in other countries, the difference in cost must also be small.



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