External Drive Seagate Game Drive to 8TB will allow Xbox owners forget to save space

Extra space on the drive console from real gamers, of course, does not happen. Modern games can not just surprise and even shock occupied by personal needs space on your hard drive. Keeping modern multimedia content and regular updates multi-gigabytes of your favorite games konsolschikov forced to resort to the expansion of space due to external storage. And here to help the owners of Xbox One and Xbox owners of other models, Seagate is ready to come. Its novelty once and for all solve the problem of the missing space.

A device called Seagate Game Drive is an external storage device, which is located inside the impressive volume hard disk 8 TB. Of course, the concept of a separate drive for the console itself is not something innovative and original. In the market there are many similar solutions designed to improve the lot of the gamer. Seagate offers the same external storage Xbox Game Pass Special Edition model and Game Drive for Xbox capacity from 2 to 4 terabytes.


However, Seagate Game Drive capacity is really impressive, pushing the holder of the device to collect all the popular games in one place, without any compromise.

Seagate Game Drive is equipped with two connectors USB 3.0, located on the front panel. In each of the ports can be connected to an optional external storage expansion and without memory solid volume to the values ​​fi. Alternatively a USB 3.0 interface appears to connect gaming accessories and charge controllers.

Stylistics Seagate Game Drive is evidence of its purpose – work in tandem with the console Xbox One S from Microsoft, as evidenced similarities between the two devices in terms of design and color. However, Seagate Game Drive is compatible with all representatives of the family of Xbox, including those announced today, with  Microsoft the One the X model, the Xbox  – the fastest game console modernity.

External Drive Seagate Game Drive to 8TB will hit stores this month. Its price in the US market will be ~ $ 200.



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