Pad Logitech Powerplay provide continuous wireless charging mice G903/G703

The idea of ​​creating a mouse pad, which would look like a comfortable playing surface and simultaneously acts a platform for wireless charging the mouse itself/electronics side, interested in big-name manufacturers. So, Concept Zeus project was brought Corsair at Computex 2017 almost fit into the concept of even being voiced openly raw product with significant flaws. However, Concept Zeus seemed quite interesting and promising solution for mass production in the foreseeable future.

The company Logitech, unlike Corsair, did not waste your time on a demonstration prototype, and immediately launched a versatile rug with the wireless charging in series. Logitech Powerplay surface model is designed for use in a pair of computer mice with G903/G703.

With this mat need to connect the “rodent” to the power supply is losing its relevance. However, it is worth noting the importance of technological Unlike Logitech Powerplay surface of Concept Zeus. If Corsair creation was based on generally accepted and widespread standard Qi, then the Logitech decided to use proprietary solutions for the wireless charging of branded peripherals. To develop Logitech Powerplay, if the starting point to take the initial studies, and take the final announcement of the commercial sample, it took more than four years.

Why Logitech of Qi refused, denying the very universality of the Powerplay, which focused Corsair representatives during the public with love Concept Zeus? The reason lies in a number of technical nuances that prevented due Qi to make the entire surface of the mat with dimensions of 275 × 320 mm is suitable for continuous charging device lying on it. Recall that in the Corsair Concept Zeus Complete the mouse, as well as smart phone and other Qi-compatible electronics was charged only in certain areas – a small “patch” in the upper right corner. Logitech Powerplay same process provides uniform charge regardless of the location of the mouse.

Logitech Powerplay will be available for order in August for $100. Rug is offered in several versions with different colors and surface material. As noted above, Logitech Powerplay is compatible only with the mouse Logitech G903 and G703. They will go on sale in late June and will cost the future owner of $150 and $ 100 respectively.



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