The creators OlliOlli announced multiplayer shooter Neon Laser League

Publisher 505 Games and developer Roll7 announced multiplayer arcade action Laser League. The game is notable for the unusual style of neon and non-standard multiplayer modes.

Fighting in Laser League place in “four to four” mode, moreover, they can be both online and local. According to the developers, the project is easy to learn, but difficult to achieve perfection in it.

You fight with the enemy team for control of the units, which emit a deadly light. It is necessary to avoid rays opponent and at the same time try to fry opponents, using the speed, strength and strategy. You can also activate a special ability to attack and defense, and to collect the emerging arena improvements.

The Laser League more than 60 characters “five unique brands”, six classes, three stadiums with 10 different cards and 15 faculties. In addition, in the game there is more than 250 variants of changing the appearance of the characters.

“We admire and enjoy the work of Roll 7 even with the appearance of the first game  OlliOlli , – said Tim Vudli (Tim Woodley), senior vice president of brand and marketing at 505 Games. – When we saw the first prototype Laser League , we immediately feel this is a very rare momentum to make one more attempt. We took the opportunity to help bring proven studio to the next level and realize its ambitions regarding Laser League ».

Laser League will appear in early access Steam summer. In 2018 it held a full release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On the coming beta can sign up for the project site.



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