E3 2017: Minecraft add in the cross-platform multiplayer, but not on PS4

Play Minecraft is more fun with friends, and in Microsoft understands this. Therefore, the Corporation, together with Mojang has announced an update that adds support for cross-platform multiplayer.

Very soon, the players on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PCs, mobile devices, and VR-can play on a single server. Therefore, all these platforms the game will be called Minecraft and lose additional subtitles.

Holders of games on mobile devices and VR-this summer will be able to download the appropriate free upgrade. Owning Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will have to download a brand new version of the project, but it they will also receive free of charge and by worlds and previously purchased DLC in it postponed. In the future, once acquired additions will be available on all platforms at no additional charge listed above.



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