E3 2017: announcing sudden trailer Beyond Good & Evil 2

Designer Michel Ancel recently wrote that there will bring on E3 Beyond Good & Evil 2. As it turned out, he did not want to spoil the surprise – at the end of the conference Ubisoft showed a cinematic trailer for the anticipated project.

In spite of the number 2 in the title, the game will be a prequel to the original Beyond Good & Evil – the action will unfold in the vast solar system System 3 in the 24 th century, when Jade is not yet born. In this system, the resources are very limited due to the fact that they arrogate to themselves all sorts of businesses closed. Representatives of different cultures of the Old Earth are struggling to survive, thereby creating an ideal environment for space piracy.

Players will go from ordinary to legendary pirate captain, and make it succeed either alone or together with friends. Solar system in the game will be a seamless online environment that will “travel freely between the various planets and satellites in search of adventure.”

Now the developers of Ubisoft Montpellier fans offer to take part in the development – on the official website (which does not work) will soon be able to share suggestions, ideas, and ideas.



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