Microsoft boasts cost Xbox One X

During his keynote presentation at the E3 game exhibition in 2017, Microsoft announced that the name of its upcoming 4K-console, previously known as Project Scorpio, will be the Xbox One X. In essence we are talking about significantly increase muscle Xbox One, which at the same time has increased and considerable price to $500.

This is perhaps the biggest disappointment on the new consoles, because many people predicted that the price will remain at $ 400 to compete more effectively with Sony. However, Microsoft is quite happy with this price. At least, in the interview, which was taken immediately after the press conference Xbox at the E3, Aaron Greenberg (Aaron Greenberg) from Microsoft commented journalist Geoff Keighley (Geoff Keighley) doubled as compared to Xbox One S (which has received a 50-dollar discount ) the price of the new console:

“We are proud of our pricing. The fact that we have created a premium product that provides maximum power, maximum performance in the history of consoles, providing uncompromised currently playing 4K -okruzhenie.

Look at games like Forza , which show the image in native 4K -Resolution at 60 frames / sec. This requires incredibly powerful the GPU . It requires a lot of memory. It requires a truly unique platform design. So we designed it without compromises. We created it not for the fact that it was a cheap system. We are preparing a premium product for people who want the most, the best console ever created. “

Does that players will appreciate – the big question, especially since the market since last year there PS4 Pro for $ 400, and the exit of Microsoft’s competitors may discount or highly profitable kits. I must say that technically Xbox One X is superior to PlayStation 4 Pro unprincipled (1.5 times the GPU performance and just as – on the amount of memory) – about the PS4 and bypasses the Xbox One. In addition, initially Xbox One is also in its coming to the market at a price of $ 500, which gave a substantial advantage for the PS4 at the start and forced Microsoft to lower the price by getting rid of compulsory movements Kinect controller included.



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