Logitech G703 & amp; G903: Mouse Mouse Invites new wireless gaming mice

Logitech G703 & G903: Mouse invites new wireless gaming mice on

Logitech has introduced for its G series of gaming accessories, two new wireless gaming mice that are loaded wirelessly via specially designed mouse pad. In mice, it is the models G703 and G903 Lightspeed Lightspeed. The loading technique is called the manufacturer Powerplay.

The mice are based on the stuck in the name Lightspeed technology and are the successors of the G900 and G403 Prodigy from the year 2016. According to Logitech, these are an end-to-end system through a transmission frequency of one millisecond to enable reliable and precise control. The new mice to attain a faster than ” some competing cable Mouse “. A “frequency agility mechanism” should automatically bypass interference.

G903 for both hands, G703 for the right

An optical sensor comes in two new mice a Pixart PMW 3366 is used, which provides a maximum sampling rate of 12,000 dpi. The two primary mouse button the new G903 to maintain reinforced by metal springs and mechanical hinges up to 50 million clicks. The G903 is also intended for both left- and right-handed, the G703, however, only for right-handers. Exact details to the weight and dimensions are not yet known, the links to the models on Logitech’s website not work but are submitted when available.

Charging during operation

The charging technology called Logitech Mouse Powerplay. This is proprietary and was said to be in development four years. A standard such as Qi is therefore not used. Compared to The Verge had to be Logitech explained that not all of the Mouse (275 × 320 mm) could be equipped with Qi and thus resorted to a different implementation. An advantage over previous solutions is loud Logitech, the mouse must not rest but will be charged during operation on the mouse pad. This is done via the so-called Powercore which can be magnetically attached to compatible mice. Following, however, the mouse must be restarted.

The LightSpeed ​​technology for fast data transfer, according to Logitech puts both in the two new mice and in the wireless receiver of the mouse pad, which supplies this same power to charge the mouse. In this way, the mouse pad is used with a USB cable, both as a receiver for data as well as a battery charger simultaneously.

Prices and availability

The Logitech Mouse Powerplay to come in August at a price around $ 100 on the market. The mice should still appear this month, the recommended retail prices amount to almost $ 100 for the G703 and 150 US dollars for the G903.



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