Minecraft: Cross-Platform Play and Super Duper graphics come

Minecraft: Cross-Platform Play and Super Duper graphics come

Microsoft and Mojang have announced on the E3 2017 numerous innovations for the sandbox game Minecraft. On the one hand, the title will be cross-platform-compatible. On the other hand, a graphics update was announced, which promises “4K HDR Graphics” including new light, shadow and water effects.

The free ” Better Together Update ” is supposed to enable cross-platform games this summer. Specifically, players of the platforms Windows 10, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as the mobile platforms Android and iOS as well as VR devices will be able to play Minecraft in the future, promises Mojang. For this to work, a uniform version is created. The Java version for PC will continue to exist independently and further supported, it says. For cross-platform play, PC players therefore need the version from the Windows 10 Store. Sony’s PlayStation family remains completely out in the announcement.

4K Update and Super Duper Graphics Pack

This autumn, the developers also want to release a free graphics update for Minecraft. The block game is so far not a feast for the eyes, but it is a game of mechanics, but soon the optics should offer more stimuli. The talk is of 4K resolution and HDR as well as an additional “Super Duper Graphics Pack” as DLC with dynamic light effects, moving vegetation and new textures. In the E3 trailer the clearly more beautiful lighting and the higher level of detail are in the eye.

Super Duper only for Xbox One (X) and Windows 10

A better look in the form of the free 4K-Update should be obtained all the above platforms. The Super-Duper package, on the other hand, will only appear for Xbox One and Windows 10 as DLC. Concrete technical details or system requirements have not yet been disclosed. But the graphics package “runs best on high-end PCs and the Xbox One X ” – this is an argument for Microsofts potent new game console alias Project Scorpio created, which comes on the 7th of the market. The graphics updates for Minecraft are optional.

Server browser in the Start menu

Together with the Better Together Update in the summer, access to the servers will also be easier. Directly in the start menu of the game a server browser should allow the direct entry.



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