O2: Prepaid cards from July only with ID

O2 Prepaid cards from July – From July 1, 2017, prospective buyers can buy the prepaid cards from O2 only upon submission of the pass. The network operator offers the proof of identity in the shop, on-site, by post-identification and by video-identification.

O2 prepaid cards from July

“We will continue to bring attractive prepaid offers to the market and serve the needs and wishes of our customers as best as possible,” explains Alfons Lösing, managing director of Telefónica Deutschland, responsible for Partnermanagement. “This is why we continue to place emphasis on a simple and comfortable process for both our customers and our sales partners.”

Interested parties who purchase an o2 prepaid card from July 2017 must prove their identity by means of an ID card, for example by means of a passport, a passport, a residence permit or a foreign identification document.


O2 prepaid cards continue to be available in the shop and online

When buying in an o2 shop or a partner branch does not change, here is an ID document for the release of a prepaid card has long been required. This process will continue after 1 July 2017.

For orders via the Onlineshop, o2 will provide proof in the future by means of post-ident and video identification procedures. For the video identification procedure, a camera is required in which the customer holds the identification document and the data is verified by an employee at the other end of the line. O2 offers this not only via the PC, but also via the smartphone and tablet.

For the Post-Ident procedure, customers must visit a post office and present their ID documents there. O2 provides its customers with a special coupon to facilitate the assignment of the data.


Post and video ident for cards from the supermarket

The post and video identification procedure also offers o2 if the o2 prepaid card was purchased at a gas station or in a supermarket. It should be noted that the unblocking takes place in any case only after a successful identity test.

“As the proof of identity expires at the partner companies of Telefónica Deutschland, the partners will introduce themselves in the coming weeks. In addition, Telefónica Deutschland will be evaluating the experience with a stronger identification of identity, both with regard to the customer experience as well as with the cooperation with the sales partners, and will continually develop processes and solutions, “states.




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