Seagate Game Drive Hub: 8-TB hard drive for the Xbox for 299 euros

Seagate Drive Game Hub: 8 TB hard drive for the Xbox for 299 euros

The hard drive manufacturer Seagate has announced a new external hard drive for the Xbox One. The Game Drive Hub-called model offers eight terabytes of storage, and USB ports for connecting accessories or load.

The game drive hub is compatible with both Seagate, according to the new Xbox One X as well as with its predecessors One (test) and One S. the hard drive via USB 3.0 is connected. sit two more USB 3.0 ports on the front, can be downloaded from the noisy Seagate mobile devices or controllers. In addition, accessories are to be connected such as steering wheels or more external hard drives there.

From July the Game Drive Hub will be available for 299 euros on Amazon.



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