Apple iPhone 8 probably only “slow” & quot; LTE

The ongoing cross-country dispute between Apple and Qualcomm on pending billions of billions could have a not insignificant impact on the iPhone 8 and its users. As several media reports, Apple will dispense with the upcoming high-end smartphone on chips of the opponent and instead rely on components from Intel. Apple, however, forewarns the higher transmission rates or speeds announced in this year’s mobile networks, the iPhone 8 remains significantly slower than comparable models of the competition.

Several mobile operators in the United States have announced Gigabit speeds in their LTE networks for various metropolitan areas in the country. For this, however, smartphones are needed, whose chips can cope with these speeds. For example, in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + with the Snapdragon X16 instances of Qualcomm are installed, with which can be transferred up to 1 gigabit per second, as far as the net gives it.

The Intel chips available so far do not yet master these speeds, the manufacturer is working with high pressure on the development. Industry experts believe it is highly unlikely that Intel will be able to deliver a corresponding component to a forthcoming production launch of the iPhone 8.

Should Apple really limit the transmission speeds that are actually achievable, the important support of the network operators for the next Smartphone from Cupertino would certainly be limited. After all, the mobile phone operators are regarded as one of the most important and sales-oriented sales channels, which is based on a classic win-win situation for manufacturers and network operators. AT & T, Verizon & Co. sell the right-expensive smartphones from Apple with partly high discounts and couple the devices to correspondingly long term contracts. Obviously, the attempt is made to justify the highest possible monthly amount over the quite attractive download speeds.

Innovations? Not (anymore) with Apple.

The problem is that Apple the modules installed in the iPhone 8 can not change easily in the course of the following months. This would mean that early buyers would be penalized, while later buyers would suddenly have significantly faster download speeds available. German users are hardly affected by the restrictions anyway, a network expansion to speeds of 1 GBit/s is here in the stars. In up to 30 cities Vodafone wants to offer 500 MBit / s by the end of the year.

The Apple stock gave a more or less direct temporal connection with the announcement, the iPhone 8 is still responsible for most of Apple’s sales. At the same time, of course, the voices of those who have criticized Apple for some time lacking innovation and an ever more obvious behind-the-hedge against the competition from the Android camp.

It is undisputed that Apple usually scores with the argument that an iPhone has a longer life and usage than other smartphones, which is not least due to the regularly released updates of the operating system. For the relevant time span of two, three, four or even five years, it would of course be important that an already available technology was installed in the iPhones.




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