Gboard may have incognito mode on Chrome with Android O

Incognito browsing of Google Chrome should protect us from the prying eyes of the web: in this mode, the displayed pages are not stored in the browser history, cookie archive, or search history.

However, Google has not yet enabled “incognito” mode in Gboard so you can turn off keyboard tips and make sure that you do not store information related to what is typed.

To resolve this issue, this mode of use may be included on Android 8.0, so our keyboards can keep their eyes closed, avoiding storing the words written.

Various tests show that in current versions of Chrome words are still saved, but it’s important to keep in mind that this feature is not yet complete.

There is always work to be done; It is not by chance that the tests are carried out on Android O beta, although Chrome 59 seems to have this feature already supported.



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