Metro Exodus: The next chapter of the Postapokalypse begins in 2018

Metro Exodus: Das nächste Kapitel der Postapokalypse beginnt 2018

4A Games continues the video game Metro. The next chapter of Postapokalypse will take place next year with Metro Exodus on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The gameplay trailer for the E3 2017 shows that the first-person shooter is technically a big step forward.

The announcement speaks of “the most extensive metro adventure ever.” The player should see not only Moscow’s underworld, but also the wilderness of postnuclear Russia. The talk is of “non-linear levels” – how open the game world will be, remains to be seen. The journey takes you through all four seasons, from spring to “nuclear winter”. A more concrete date than “2018” has not yet been mentioned.

Metro Exodus is again being developed by the Ukrainian studio 4A Games, which has already created its predecessors Metro: Last Light (2013) and Metro 2033 (2010) as well as the Redux versions of both titles. Deep Silver, the video game publishing subsidiary of Koch Media GmbH, will also be responsible for the distribution.

The story of the games is inspired by the novels by Dmitri Gluchowski. 4A Games works in parallel on another title: The VR shooter Arktika.1 is to appear later this year.



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