O2: Faulty LTE switchover causes connection disconnections

Sky Ticket mit Live Fußball für o2 KundenO2 faulty LTE switchover – o2 is currently fighting with problems when switching between GSM, UMTS and LTE. The faulty Circuit Switched Fallback ensures that phone calls are unsuccessful or forwarded directly to the mailbox.

O2 Faulty LTE switchover

O2 customers are currently fighting in many places with a faulty switchover between GSM, UMTS and LTE. As the colleagues of Teltarif report, the problem occurs locally in different regions of the Federal territory and seems to be concerned with individual base stations.

The fault pattern provides the information about an improperly running Circuit Switched Fallback. This means the automatic switching from LTE to UMTS or GSM, which is necessary, among other things, when the smartphone is able to surf the LTE network, but can not make calls. This is the case, for example, if the caller uses a device without LTE and the call can not take place via VoLTE.


O2 fights with problems

This switchover is currently failing in many places, the necessary change to the UMTS or GSM network does not take place. This means that telephone connections can not be made or landed directly on the called party’s mailbox. The data are not only about o2 customers, but also by other providers operating on the o2 network, including 1 & 1, the individual Drillisch brands and the other Telefónica offers.

The customer support already knows the problem, but can not give any helpful tips at the moment. Affected customers are advised to change the network mode to the exclusive use of the GSM and UMTS network and to exclude the use of LTE. In many cases, the telephone problems can be solved, but depending on the removal status, it can ensure that only mobile networks can be surfed at slow speeds.

Teltarif reports that some discounters currently refuse to release LTE in their networks in order to spare their customers similar problems.





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