E3 2017: entertaining gameplay Anthem – a new ambitious project BioWare

BioWare and Electronic Arts published a gameplay video of the new project Anthem. As promised, it was shown during the Microsoft press conference at E3.

It is an adventure role-playing game in which players “will join the ranks of the brave mercenaries exploring beautiful, wild world, overcoming dangers and becoming stronger with each step.” It is created on the basis of “live” service in the style of Destiny and The Division.

Mercenaries –  are heroes, risking to get outside Tharsis fort to protect humanity and explore unknown territory. As stated in the video, different suits (called Javelin) give players special abilities – one character in the video dressed in “Colossus” and the other – in the “Ranger”. The first transforms the hero into a powerful tank, and the second – a reliable multitasking suit. Javelin can be carefully set up to suit your preferences if desired.

The developers promise a huge dynamic open world, where the danger can lie in wait at every turn. For the study of underwater caves hero gained 25 experience points, so that the pumping skills in Anthem certainly will. And after the killing of the enemy character lifted from his body the legendary rifle “Anger Jarrah” the specified parameters on it damage, accuracy, range, rate of fire and the size of the cage. That’s all the details of the project, the release of which will be held in the autumn of 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



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