Microsoft Xbox One X: is the fastest video game console will be released in November

As part of the exhibition held at E3 Microsoft press conference, the company revealed all the key details of the so-called by Scorpio by Project-  promising gaming console, aiming to support the games in 4K resolution. Has been named the official name of the console release date and price: the prefix will be called Xbox One X, its cost will be $499, And the start of sales is scheduled for 7 November.

The cost of the new console is quite familiar to Microsoft: as much worth the original Xbox One sample of 2013 complete with Kinect. However, compared to the basic version of Xbox One S novelty will be twice as expensive.

But the main thing in the last announcement is not even information about the price and the fact that Microsoft has in detail told how “iron” to be used in the Xbox One X. The base console is put a new highly integrated 16-nm System-on-a-chip, which is not to do it only much more powerful than previous versions of Xbox, but also very fast gaming system on the market. Microsoft itself calls the following numbers: the new Xbox One X is 4.3 times higher than the Xbox One S, and the frequency scalar processor cores in the new version of consoles increased by 31% in graphics performance accelerator. It is curious, but this time, Microsoft did not talk openly about the architecture of processor cores, although it is known that the company continues to rely on AMD Jaguar architecture, as in previous versions of Xbox.

The most serious changes have occurred in the memory subsystem. Engineers decided to abandon conventional DDR4 SDRAM, and Xbox One X will use a unified high-speed GDDR5 SDRAM 384-bit bus, and the volume of the memory is increased to 12 GB. With this memory bandwidth up to 326 GB / s, which is almost five times more memory bandwidth in Xbox One S and corresponds to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti memory bandwidth flagship graphics card.

Microsoft also claims that the graphics performance of the new console is 6 teraflops: GPU it has 40 computing units Radeon and is clocked at 1172 MHz, allowing you to evaluate the integrated graphics of the new console as relatively close analogue Radeon RX 480. This makes the Xbox One X is noticeably more powerful graphically even compared to Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, graphics performance which is estimated at 4.2 Tflops. Such a fast GPU should allow Xbox One X issue 60 fps in 4K-resolution –  and this is true for almost every new game, which was presented at the Microsoft event.

With regard to external execution Xbox One X, here Microsoft failed to surprise the public a radical redesign. The new console is similar to the Software Development Kit Project Scorpio, which we’ve seen before, with the only difference being that the consumer version will be removed OLED-screen and physical buttons. In fact, Xbox One X looks like a slightly thinner Xbox One S, which, however, gave Microsoft the right to speak about the new product as the smallest Xbox. The exact dimensions of Xbox One X are 300 x 240 x 60 mm, which means that the console is 5 mm wider and 10 mm lower than its predecessor, but is 5 mm thinner. As a result, the new product really is 2% less in volume terms.

However, Microsoft generally does not position Xbox One X as something fundamentally new, rather it is a regular upgrading Xbox platform in the middle of the life cycle. Similar words we heard at the moment of the announcement of Xbox One S. With this approach, existing games will be fully compatible with the Xbox One X, but will receive some improvements from a more powerful hardware (which –  depending on the particular game). New games that will have special optimization for an updated version of consoles will have native support for 4K-resolution (3840×2160), but it can also appear on the 1080p-TVs using undersampling.

All accessories are available in the ecosystem of Xbox One, will retain full compatibility with the Xbox One X. In addition, the console promised some new features: support for Dolby Atmos, support 4K Blu-Ray discs, surersemplinga technology to scale 1080p-games in 4K resolution support HDMI 2.1 and Adaptive Sync.



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