E3 2017: Details NBA Live 18 and the announcement of the demo

In the genre of basketball simulators reign two companies: 2K Games and Electronic Arts. Over the years a large margin in the lead NBA 2K series from the first, so EA is planning to make in the NBA Live fixes that will help it to attract a new audience.

For example, in NBA Live 18 will add an unusual mode of The One in the spirit of role-playing games. Users can create their own characters, coming up with their appearance, and end one after the other matches. Over time, the hero will be an experienced and professional players will be able to distribute the characteristics of points, specifying the desired type of basketball player – for example, an active attacker or defender neat.

In addition, the new NBA Live will offer street basketball mode. Cooperate with friends, players will participate in the games at five by five real-life courts. So far, among those declared only promenade of Venice Beach in Los Angeles and Harlem Rucker Park in New York.

In August, the demo version will be available NBA Live 18, which will add mode The One (for single and cooperative transmission). All progress will be possible to transfer in the full version Рits release will take place  in September this year.



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