E3 2017: FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch nearly identical versions for other platforms

The fact that the development is FIFA for Nintendo Switch, we learned in February this year. It remained open only the question of how much this version will be different from FIFA 18 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As it turned out, the differences can not be called fundamental – at least in terms of content.

The only difference lies in two elements of the game. Version for Nintendo Switch is not created on the engine, Frostbite, and will not include campaign scene about Alex Hunter. For the rest, this is the same game –  with Ultimate Team, local seasons, career mode, online tournaments, international cups and other customary constituents.

In the stationary mode, FIFA 18 is played back at 1080p and a portable authorization fall to 720p. EA promises a realistic visual component, but appreciate it while you can only on pictures taken at the Play EA event journalists. Switch version will be released simultaneously with the rest of 29 September.



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