The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s iMac killer

Microsoft has a response to Apple’s iMacs with the Surface Studio. Before the market launch we already had the opportunity to look at the first PC of the Redmonder once for a few minutes, before we will test it extensively. We summarize our first impressions.

Something for designers

Somehow, the large 28.5 inch screen with its 4.5K resolution reminds us less of an iMac, but rather a kind of  HP Sprout workstation , instead of the mouse and keyboard on the table a robust 20-point touch screen Is used – only here is everything directly on the large touch screen possible. True to the touch features of the new  surface laptops, the Redmonder would like to overpower the Apple competition with a little extra. So you have a giant tablet right in front of you, on which you can draw quite a lot with appropriate accessories (and budget) can.

Microsofts surface studio is smart and convinced with a very good screen

© Microsoft

The thing with the ring

Together with the Surface Pen, which is not part of the standard scope of delivery, it is possible to create very picturesque works of art. In addition, the Microsoft stylus comes in a month still in an improved reissue with 4096 (instead of 1024) detection points on the market. The “Surface Dial”, another accessory, is a roughly fist-sized metal wheel with a weight of 136 grams. This seems to stick almost magnetically to the screen. The accessory gadget is usable mainly in horizontal mode. The rotary ring opens on the screen a kind of radial menu with sub-functions.

We have a little rumgemalt and the surface dial (the ring piece) tried. In practice, the optional 200 franc tool proves to be particularly useful when drawing, because you can fast-rewind and rewind in color corrections. This opens up a whole new range of fast-paced possibilities. If you hold the Surface Pen in one hand, you can change the brush size quickly or rotate a 3D object using the battery operated aluminum cylinder. The accessories should also work with a handful of apps like Spotify, Windows Maps and Sketchpad. The nice accessories is however until now more designed for drawing functions.



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