Tesla wants to transfer Supercharger stations for solar panels and batteries

Elon Musk, head of the Tesla, said that the company takes Supercharger charging stations powered by solar panels and batteries.

Tesla Supercharger network is actively developing. To date, there are about 860 stations with a total of 5650 placed more than Supercharger systems.

According to Mr. Mask, all Supercharger stations will be equipped with solar panels for electricity generation and storage units for storing it. In the future, the bulk of the plant is planned to fully decouple from the traditional power grid.

In addition, Tesla company intends to significantly expand the Supercharger network. This is necessary especially in light of the coming to market of “national” electric Model 3, which received more than 400 thousand. Preorders. Production of this model will be launched next month.

It is reported that before the end of the year Supercharger systems infrastructure will be expanded nearly doubled their total number will increase to approximately 10 000. Thus, the owners of electric cars will be easier to find a free “dressing” to replenish energy reserves.

We also note that at the present time, Tesla determined location of three new factories for the production of batteries, in addition to the existing Gigafactory. We also consider the possibility of creating a fifth company.

In 2016, Tesla has delivered 76,230 electric vehicles, which is slightly less than the planned 80,000 units. Demand for the company’s machine was especially high in the fourth quarter.



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