In two years, a Samsung employee stole over 8400 smartphones

Employees of smartphone manufacturers are seeing thousands of devices in front of them, and must certainly be tempted to take one. This man did not do things halfway.

Working close to the production chains of a giant smartphone must sometimes make employees want to steal one. Firms know this and pay close attention to the issue. This is why each employee is supposed to go through a detector at the factory exit.

A simple plan

A man has managed to get around the system, and the least that can be said is that he has not gone dead handed. Arrested by the police, he confessed to stealing no less than 8474 smartphones. An impressive number when we know the security measures of the brand.

But how the hell did he get through the cracks? The latter has in fact used his handicap, which obliges him to move in an electric wheelchair, to conceal his flights. Because of his problem, he was not obliged to pass the security gantry. Although he has worked for Samsung since 2010, he would have started his “business” in December 2014 until November 2016.

Credits: The Investor



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