HomeKit does not take off and Apple gives more free

HomeKit does not take off, and Apple makes more free

HomeKit is the development suite dedicated to smart devices launched by Apple in 2015. The platform already has several renowned partners such as Philips, IKEA, GE and Honeywell but for the apple that is not enough. To encourage adoption, the Cupertino company announced on the last day of WWDC 2017 will offer some new features that developers and manufacturers greater freedom of action. The goal is obviously to increase the rate of adoption by other companies.

Apple now gives the opportunity to experience HomeKit for the prototypes that have not yet obtained the MFi licensing, that is the program that allows multiple devices to connect to the iPod, iPad and iPhone. The partners will then use the kit for home automation in development across multiple platforms simultaneously. Before launching their product on the market they will still have to obtain a license from Apple. In addition, Apple has updated the specification that enables authentication not only through dedicated chip but also by software. Then you just a simple firmware update to allow connection between devices via HomeKit. It was not immediately clear how the rigid Apple’s encryption system, which is convinced that it can change the world of apps thanks to augmented reality, can influence this.



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