Indra: An innovative platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge between generations through the game

Indra: an innovative platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge between generations through play

Indra as leader of the European project of R & D SeniorLudens – funded by the program Ambient Assisted Living (AAL-2013-6-039) European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Union Digital Agenda has created an innovative platform based on the advantageous feature of the game, in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between professionals with more experience and younger.

In particular it is an e-learning system for experts from all sectors that can create fast, easy and affordable 3D games. The goal is to collect and transmit knowledge, while acquiring new skills. A fun and engaging ways to facilitate and maximize the transfer of knowledge, even among generations.

The platform has in fact the aim of encouraging learning through play, through simple and accessible experience. The platform operates through a series of predefined scenarios that facilitate the most technical part of the game’s development. The player selects the virtual scenarios in 3D to see the different environments in which to operate, through the placement of objects. Each of these objects is given an action, as a “puzzle”. Finally, it sets the difficulty level of the actions to be taken to overcome the game.

Pilot projects in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands

Indra, with the cooperation of Research in Biomedical Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, led the project in Spain, focused on information technology. Experts of the company have developed a game based on the simulation of a plantation. The game helps you learn the concepts and tools used in the management of technology projects and the methodology used by Indra.

Even Italy has played an important role in the project. Two of the four pilot projects were in fact developed here. One by the Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi, which has led a project that allows physiotherapists to create a 3D training to learn new types of exercises, protocols and trends in rehabilitation. In this way, it enables senior professionals to acquire new concepts and updates. The second project was instead gudato from Bioengineering Consortium and Medical Informatics (CBIM), which has conducted a pilot project centered on the transmission of the techniques used for the production of traditional Italian cheeses, avoiding the loss of knowledge acquired between the different generations.

These three pilot projects has added a fourth project that goes beyond the professional field and making it possible to use SeniorLudens as a support tool to the society by improving the information they have older people on Risk and home security. The project was carried out in the Netherlands, with the coordination of UnieKBO, an association for the protection and defense of the elderly in the Netherlands.

Different pilot projects developed within the program, have demonstrated the effectiveness of SeniorLudens to create games that, through gamification, are able to facilitate learning in areas such as technology, health and food. The games are also able to generate a positive social impact, such as, improving information sharing among older people about the risks and domestic security.

Over 200 people participated in the pilot projects: this allowed to meet requirements and
basic functionality of the tool, as well as to test its usability. People who worked on the project – mainly elderly people not accustomed to using technology nor to this type of games – could conceivably test the possibility of developing the game and using it easily. The results were very positive and the tool was much appreciated, especially by the “players” who have shown the usefulness of the experience inmersive 3D offering SeniorLudens as a learning tool.

The “Silver Economy” protagonist in new opportunities for Europe

SeniorLudens The project is classified as “Silver Economy” which includes all activities
economic related needs of citizens over 50 and was promoted by the EU in response to the challenge of population aging. According to the European Commission, in 2060 the population over 65 will increase 53%; This means that there will be a person over 65 for every two people of working age (twice in 2010).
Indra has developed two other European projects of R & D aimed at seniors: SeniorChannel, an interactive Internet TV channel for the elderly, and DALI, an intelligent walker to facilitate mobility.



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