Roaming abolition: You should consider this from June 15th

Roaming abolishing – from 15 June 2017 to include roaming the past. German mobile customers can then communicate to the prices of their domestic tariff in Europe. Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider.

Roaming abolition on 15 June 2017

The costs incurred in the countries of the EU roaming fees will be abolished on 15 June 2017th In force in Germany conditions can also be used in other European countries then emerge without the extra cost. However, this only applies for up to four months per year. Who longer stay abroad, may still be asked to pay.

How the Consumer North Rhine-Westphalia said that the party must, however, only inform affected customers in such a case, before they are allowed to charge additional fees. Only those who still telephoned abroad after this warning shot, texting and surfing has to expect a premium to the mobile phone bill.

Roaming abolition with some stumbling blocks

In addition, there are other pitfalls that you should consider German customers, advises the Consumer. Especially younger tariffs should be checked for roaming activation way. For several months, several vendors offer special “domestic rates” with which the use is possible only within Germany. Abroad, the SIM card refused their service.

Roaming German Telekom

A look at the roaming options can be worthwhile. Many providers offer and offered various options abroad that are already in the tariffs active and sometimes better conditions than the regulated EU tariff offer. Depending on the structure of the options, however, the EU tariff can hold significantly better terms than willing roaming package. For example if the tariff in Germany holds 4 GB of data, the roaming option, however, allows only 1GB abroad. In such a case, the EU tariff may be the better option, as it allows the use of the domestic volume in other EU countries.

Before the trip after the June 15, 2017 German mobile customers should check their rates and options and check whether there are attractive alternatives to the set rates, packages and options.

From the roaming charges

Further advice from Consumer North Rhine-Westphalia:

  • Same charges at home to fall in other EU countries at reasonable data usage – the so-called “fair use” – on. So browsing away not too much gets out of hand from home, mobile phone companies may restrict the scope of data use in other EU countries. Customers who exceed the specified limits for online surfing are requested under circumstances of their suppliers for power surfing the net to checkout. To avoid unpleasant surprises after returning when looking at the mobile phone bill, should make vacationers and other travelers with the “fair use” rules their provider familiar.
  • Calls to countries that do not belong to the European Union, but can still go very fast into the money. The end of the previous roaming regulations namely does not apply in countries such as Thailand, Switzerland or Turkey. Only in mobile data usage users are protected and outside the EU before the financial collapse.
  • therefore is safe from nasty surprises in the cost, who is not dials on its SIM card on the Internet, but for the navigable or hotel’s wireless network (WLAN) or use an internet café. Online banking or other sensitive activities, however, it is better to do without wireless safety’s sake.
  • Even in sleep mode smartphones and tablets can consume data volume well: for example, by updating software and apps, or downloading emails. Those who want to prevent this, should set the instrument prior to departure so that it does not download data over cellular networks without further inquiry.

Whoever finds on his mobile phone bill after returning home costs that do not meet the new requirements, can contact the Consumer nearby.



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