OnePlus 5: profit shows higher price, dual camera confirmed

OnePlus 5: profit shows higher price, dual camera confirmedOnePlus 5 is more expensive – OnePlus smartphones have distinguished themselves not only by outstanding hardware and equipment, but also by their comparatively very cheap price. Already in mid-May first rumors arose that the coming OnePlus 5 could be significantly more expensive compared to the OnerPlus 3T. A profit game seems to confirm this.

OnePlus 5 could be 100 euros more expensive

Smartphones from the startup company OnePlus were characterized by top hardware at the comparatively low price. The website gsmarena has discovered a profit from Finland, which indicates a higher price of the upcoming OnePlus 5.

A leaked profit in Finland will provide a possible price of the new flagship killer. Thus, the OnePlus 5 is about € 100 more expensive than its predecessor OnePlus 3T.


Dual camera confirmed

As the main gain of the competition, there are two VIP tickets and the smartphone itself. This results in a total value of 948 euros, calculated as 650 euros for the OnePlus 5. The tickets cost 199 euros, if you deduct this amount from the total value, 550 euros. The OnePlus 3T cost 439 euros to launch in November 2016, resulting in a price increase of more than 100 euros.

Once again, OnePlus has expressed its opinion about Twitter as OnePlus 5. A press picture shows a dark back and a dual camera, which protrudes slightly from the housing. In addition, there is a new video, which is to convince of the sound quality of the OnePlus 5. The short video shows a club appearance and the bass is however clearly exceeded and distorted. The launch date, which was presumed to be June 15, will also be confirmed by June 20th.





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