WhatsApp will use Facebook’s network infrastructure from the end of the year

WhatsApp will use Facebook's network infrastructure from the end of the year

In recent weeks the known leaker @WABetaInfo  had reported a rumor that very soon WhatsApp would have started using the Facebook servers for their service. At the moment they were not available for further information which had sprung the idea of a divided service on two different networks.

To do some ‘clarity on the situation thinks the CNBC whose anonymous sources have claimed that Facebook , which bought the service in the now distant 2014, was planning to move  WhatsApp on their servers, thus abandoning the public cloud that IBM hosted so far the app note messaging.

The deal would allow  WhatsApp save two million dollars a month, the fee for the rental of the IBM cloud. The transition on Facebook’s servers should start by the end of 2017, and users should not cause any change in terms of safety.

To earn should be the speed and stability of the service, but this will find out only when the transition will actually be completed.



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