Apple fans watched: these Apple sneakers cost more than $ 15,000

Apple fans – which kannste anyway all turn on at any price.” Or so you read it conceivable often the web, what with the fact that supporters of the company from Cupertino is often assumed times that they willingly pay whatever you wanted Price while on the product can be seen just a bitten apple.

The other camp is that might reply that it is ready to pay more money, than would be the case in a similar product from a competitor to it but also know that you get outstanding quality delivered. Probably the truth lies, as so often somewhere in the middle: So you pay more and maybe a little of it for the image, but it also usually gets up very high quality goods.

However, as is now behaving that because with all other goods – say: sneakers, for example? If we assume that the new, well-equipped and well-armed Apple iMac Pro about the 5000 could cost as US dollars – would it appropriate, shelling out three times for a pair of shoes with Apple logo or even more?

Sounds absurd, but at Heritage Auctions, where exactly such a sneaker can be just bought, you calculate in fact 15 000 US dollars and that’s just the starting bid. In fact, Apple with its go-getting than is commonly believed, but produces many products exclusively for in-house use, so for its own employees that.

Just as it is with the offered sneakers which also have under their belt a few years. According to the description on the auction page they come from the early nineties and have been produced exclusively for its own personnel. Which has previously made numerous products and probably these shoes were made at that time even free Apple.

The page can you also still see that the auction house assumes as much as 30 000 dollars to get these sneakers – a truly sporting price of this white dwarf pines, where that can be seen for that time typical Logo: The iconic half-eaten apple, but just in rainbow colors.


Not much is known about the condition of the shoes, so it does not reveal whether it is as good as new shoes or worn. However, you can a “condition report” inquiry in which you then receive information on how it is with these things.

So, if you you around plagued with the thought that you just have too much coal on the account, or if you’re looking for an Apple product, which has certainly no one in the circle: Check out the auction quiet times and checking if their watching 15 have 000 to 30,000 dollars on the high edge. If this is the case and you are successful in the auction – let us know. Oh: US size 9 1/2 should you have

Should you it be too cheap, you just look at the refined luxury versions of the Apple iPhone: Since you leafing though sometimes seven figures on the table, but do not have to worry that someone your with its sweaty feet Apple devotional has beaten.



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