Facebook wants to spy on the webcam and smartphone cameras

A project that describes a worrying Facebook wish has been revealed: the famous social network wants to control our mood by spying on our webcams and front camera cameras so that we can place ads with “targeted” content .

The purpose of this super-invasive idea is to analyze our facial expressions in real time so that we can show a “right ad at the right time”; An algorithm could then manage the ability to publish certain types of ads based on our rating index. Facebook has filed patents based on “emotional technology” over time, but this is certainly the most disturbing thing.

The New York CB Insights Intelligence Agency confirms the unpleasant ideas of the social network: the project means capturing user images even when you do not have permissions to do so. The patent to take control of the camera was released in 2015, but no real technology has been introduced in its use.

Unfortunately, the unpleasant news does not stop here, as other Facebook patents are also aimed at the full invasion of our privacy. Among these are the ones that include a messaging platform that detects the mood of a user by measuring (where possible) how much pressure and speed they use in writing.


Paradoxically Mr. Zuckerberg is also aware of these dangers (to you the picture shows the Facebook CEO with the webcam and the microphone of his laptop meticulously covered with adhesive tape). Where will we end? Our privacy is seriously at risk, and this, dear Mark, is not a good thing for us.



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