Judgment: Unitymedia may operate WifiSpots only with the consent of the customer

Unitymedia Wifi SpotJudgment Unitymedia WifiSpots – Unitymedia may convert the wireless router by customers without their consent to WifiSpots. The Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen had taken place against the opening of the networks without the consent of customers and got right to the Cologne Regional Court.

Unitymedia WifiSpots

In May 2016, Unitymedia informed several customers that their wireless router will open in the future part of the WifiSpot network and within the limits of other users. The cable operator realized the offer through a second signal over the other customers regardless of the users of the main terminal to surf the Web.

A say, the company’s customers have not conceded. In the letters Unitymedia informed only that the own router will soon go to the WifiSpot network and let a contradiction within four weeks. A separate consent of their clients did not see the company as necessary.

Judgment Unitymedia WifiSpots

This saw the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia different and warned Unitymedia until and handed little later a lawsuit against the customer-unfriendly approach. The consumer protection was not only the presumed consent an eyesore, but also the conditions that made the company to its customers. So were allowed customers who did not want to convert their router unable to access the network WifiSpot other customers. They also had “to refrain from interfering with the use of hot spots or to stop.”

The Cologne Regional Court gave the Consumer under reference number 31 O 227/16 law stipulated that the router may only be converted from Unitymedia customers to WifiSpot stations if those concerned have given their explicit consent. As justification, the Court stated that the establishment of a wireless network via the router customer was not part of the contract from the outset and Unitymedia this must not put unauthorized without the consent of customers.

WifiSpots without the consent must be parked

“With the increasing networking of everyday life must not companies, but users should determine how to act devices and access at home. Unitymedia now has to obtain the consent of its customers in arrears or WiFiSpot function without compromise shut down, “said NRW Consumer Board Wolfgang Schuldzinski.



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