The output of “smart” speaker Samsung is expected in autumn

The Samsung company, reported online sources, may soon introduce its own “intelligent” speaker with voice control.

Recall that this week HomePod smart column announced by Apple. Thanks to the voice assistant Siri device allows you to send messages, read news, weather forecast and information about sporting events, manage the components of “smart” homes and so forth. In order to capture the voice commands are six microphones.

The “smart» Samsung dynamics, as indicated, prescribe proprietary voice assistant Bixby. This system is used in flagship smartphones Galaxy S8. Assistant examines the everyday user actions, helping to quickly find the necessary information and perform various operations.

Bixby says hello

For specifications, the Samsung smart speakers, unfortunately, have not been announced. It is merely noted that the new product may come out in the fall of this year. It is possible that the announcement will coincide with the IFA 2017 electronics show, which will take place from 1 to 6 September in Berlin (Germany).

Analysts estimate that by 2020 the volume of “smart” market speakers $ 2.1 billion will be measured for the house, and the degree of penetration of these gadgets on a global scale will reach 3.3%.



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