Sony PlayStation VR sale put a new record

Sony has announced the conquest of another important milestone in the spread of its own virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR. It is alleged that since the release last October, it managed to sell one million sets. It is worth recalling that the last time Sony PlayStation VR boasted high sales in February, and then the company talked about the implementation of the 915 000 points of virtual reality.

According to representatives of Sony, PlayStation VR popularity was beyond all expectations. Because of this, at the present time there is even a certain deficit, but promised that it will be overcome in the near future due to the increase in production volumes. In the words of executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Sean Layden (Shawn Layden), the company expects further growth in sales of PlayStation VR due to the second wave of software with the support of a virtual reality headset.

To date, the owners of PlayStation VR has acquired 5.25 million copies of games with support for virtual reality, and the average duration of a game session is 25 minutes.

It is worth noting that Sony headset was much more popular than competing products, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. So, at the end of last year, HTC Vive sales reached only 420,000 copies, while the number of realized headset Oculus Rift does not exceed 243 thousand. However, PlayStation VR surprising success: for its use does not require any additional equipment in addition to the PlayStation 4, and the cost is $ 399, while for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift has to pay $ 799 and $ 599 respectively.

Meanwhile, the most popular option of familiarizing with virtual reality remains a stand-alone device Samsung Gear VR, working in conjunction with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Due to the low value of the number of copies sold Gear VR has more than 5 million pieces.



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