AMD: no need to fantasize – reducing prices was not Ryzen

AMD officially comments categorically denied the information that the prices Ryzen processors were reduced relative to their original values set at the announcement. Some time ago, a number of sources reported that in anticipation of an early start Threadripper company adjusted its pricing policy and within the limits of 9-13 percent has reduced the cost of senior representatives of the family Ryzen 7. However, according to the manufacturer, this information does not correspond to reality: no change in the official price -list have been made.

AMD representatives Contact the portal PCWorld and made the comment: ” As long as there was the Computex exhibition, we have noticed the emergence of speculative articles commenting on AMD price policy and would like to state that the price of Ryzen Ryzen 7 and 5 remained unchanged .” Some publications actually talked about watching the cheapening of AMD processors and that this may be due to the company’s desire to “clear the ground” before the scheduled for August output Threadripper. However, in reality this is not necessary: Threadripper processors will be sold much more expensive Ryzen 7 and overlap them in prices should in no way.

Regarding the fact that AMD processors in a number of stores actually sold much cheaper than they should, based on the official price list, a company spokesman said that all this – only initiative dealers. ” Promotions and special offers that involve processors Ryzen, it – it trade organizations “, – concluded the AMD representative in his commentary.

It will be recalled that a similar story happened not so long ago, and with Intel processors. In March, just after the release AMD Ryzen, some observers drew attention to the decline in retail prices of Intel processors, which then was presented as a reaction to the chip giant successful launch of the flagship products of competitors. However, while Intel representatives have denied any change in its pricing policy, referring to the “shares” held by the sellers. What, in the end, it turned out to be rather true.

But in the case of AMD processors situation still looks a little different. If we talk about the US market, the real price of Ryzen there now actually lower than those indicated in the official price list, with such a situation is not in the individual outlets, and everywhere. However, if we look at the history of changes, it appears that the reduction in price of older Ryzen 7 did not happen at the beginning of June, when it began to actively speak, and for a month or two earlier. And the price cuts rather be described as a gradual rather than a sudden and centralized.

Dynamics of prices for Ryzen 7 1800X

Dynamics of prices for Ryzen 7 1800X (on

Therefore likely to price adjustment involved is still the sellers, not the AMD. Recommended prices, which the company indicated in the price list include some trading margin. Shops, seeing demand for Ryzen and trying to attract buyers, it is gradually minimized, betting on an increase in sales volumes.

Dynamics of prices for Ryzen July 1700 (on

Dynamics of prices for Ryzen July 1700 (on

In this light, it is not surprising that there are no signs of a significant reduction in price of older AMD processors over the past weeks on the domestic market was not noticeable.

Dynamics of prices for Ryzen 7 1800X according to Yandex.Market

Dynamics of prices for Ryzen 7 1800X according to Yandex.Market

AMD’s comment, which the company denies the need to reduce the price, underlines the competitiveness of the new proposals and the absence of any kind was necessary podstogivanii sales by artificial means.



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