Intel Core i9-7800X: Mysterious RFID chip discovered!

The overclocker Roman Hartung alias der8auer has discovered a small additional chip on the new i9 processor 7800X, the manufacturer Intel officially not documented. What is behind the secret component?

Intel Core i9: Processor © YouTube / der8auer

What is the function of the RFID chip? Nobody knows so well so far.

Many IT experts are currently asking this question. There is talk of an RFID chip (radio-frequency identification), which allows the identification with electromagnetic waves and the overclocker Roman Hartung alias ” der8auer ” discovered on the new processor Intel Core i9-7800X.

Below the cooling discovered

The secret chip is located below the cooling system and can be seen as soon as experts remove the cover in the form of the integrated heat spreader. In a YouTube video, Hartung presents his discovery (seen from 2:40 minutes). Why the chip in the Intel Core i9-7800X serves, the overclock can not say however. In the official data sheets, Intel does not mention the chip; on requests, the manufacturer has not responded so far.



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