Xbox One: Downward compatibility is hardly used

Xbox One: backwards compatibility is hardly used

The Xbox One can now play more than 300 games the previous console. the feature is used but little: not even 1.5 percent of the time spent with the game console is used to playing older games.

This is the conclusion of an analysis comes Ars Technica based on 930,000 using a third-party API evaluated gamertag. According to the data collected over a period of approximately five months from September 2016, only 1.5 percent of total 1.65 billion minutes or been spent of 1,526 minutes per user with old songs average around 24th

By far the most popular game was Call of Duty: Black Ops followed by Skate 3, Mass Effect 3 and Halo: Reach. Even the leader is, the analysis, but has only played three to four out of 1,000 players. In addition, no other title of Xbox 360 get into the top 100 list of the new console. There had been about with information from Microsoft to use the features.

Sony has (not) right

Thus, the approach of Sony appears first as the correct way to confirm. The group has repeatedly issued a general downward compatibility in the past a rejection. The reason: The feature will indeed demand frequently, but rarely used. 4 selected games of the PlayStation 2 are available on the PS Store on the PlayStation instead, the third generation PlayStation titles are available through the streaming service PS Now On Demand.

Nevertheless, the feature offers more than just a minority nostalgic gifted players an added value: the ability to continue using those purchased games to have a calming effect, because the purchase of a new model is not accompanied by a devaluation of previous ownership. This explains the high demand for such a function explained. In this respect a low actual usage does not mean that the implementation of Microsoft or owner does not pay a gaming console. This is also the regularly increasing number of classics that can play the Xbox One.



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