Windows 10: there is the Pro Workstation PC Edition

Windows 10: there's the Pro Workstation PC Edition

It was 1996, and Microsoft released Windows NT 4.0, the 32-bit system designed for workstations and servers. After various service packs and updates, the company decided to make obsolete the OS in 2004, with the desire to reduce releases to the only existing consumer, specifying professional release and those dedicated to business machines. After 21 years, Microsoft is about to release a new version of Windows 10, geared specifically to the workplace on a large scale. It will be called Windows 10 Pro for PC Workstation , as evidenced by the banner mistakenly released in recent days, in which the Redmond company describes the quality of the project, directed to computer networks that operate on the amount of important data and within contexts critical intervention.

Four pillars

Although there is nothing official, discovered by online banner you can make some observations on how the new Windows NT 10. According to Microsoft, this is based on four main pillars: Workstation Mode, Resilient File System, quick management, extended hardware support. The goal is not just to donate to a certain slice of the market a secure operating system and secure but flexible and open to sharing more than they were earlier versions. This will be achieved through optimization of performance on many levels, supported by the successor dell’NTFS, known as ReFS, the file system that operates smoothly over large body of data, self-correcting if necessary. In addition, Microsoft plans to bring Windows 10 Pro for Workstation on devices that mount up to 4 processors (the Windows 10 Pro limit is 2) and 6 TB of memory. There is no confirmation on the launch or on a possible global availability but it is clear that the company has an interest in spreading the news as soon as possible.



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