Vodafone: 500 Mbit/s already available in 10 cities

Vodafone: 500 Mbit/s already available in 10 cities

Vodafone 500 Mbit/s in 10 cities – One month after the start, the fast transmission rates of up to 500 Mbps are already available in the Vodafone network in 10 cities. After Düsseldorf, half the gigabit is also available in Dresden and Dortmund.

Vodafone 500 Mbit/s in 10 cities

Vodafone has been offering its customers LTE speeds of up to 500Mbps, and is now able to surf the first half-gigabit smartphones in the mobile network. At the start the fast data rates were only available in Düsseldorf and could be used there in heavily frequented places, such as the main station.

Gradually, the company is expanding its availability and plans to offer 500 Mbit/s by the end of the year in 30 German cities. As a first milestone, the network operator is now announcing the expansion in ten cities, in the city limits of which customers surf at up to 500 Mbps. In addition to Dusseldorf, the half-gigabit is now also available in Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund, Mannheim, Erfurt, Coswig, Cottbus, Moers and Remscheid.

500 Mbit /s in the Vodafone network

“We are the engine of the gigabit company. We bring the half gigabit to Germany. Our customers rely on the data highway for overtaking. Today, the half gigabit in ten cities. This year, the top speeds are still in many other regions “, explains Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

In the summer, five other cities are to be added, soon also Berlin and Munich. It can be used by both new and existing customers and is available in the Vodafone contract and prepaid rates.




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