Consumer Center: Revocation possible without original packaging

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Revocation without original packaging – The consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia has determined in a sample that many shops accept the cancellation only with original packaging. This is not necessary for this to exercise this right.

Revocation without original packaging

In the case of online orders, a 14-day right of revocation applies, in the case of non-payment items can be exchanged easily in many cases – at least if the original packaging still exists. Although this is not necessary to maintain the rights, many onlineshops make the withdrawal to it.

In a sample with 25 on-line shops, the Consumer Center in North Rhine-Westphalia determined that many shops were failing to make the most clear legal requirement. Even without original packaging the dealer may not refuse the withdrawal according to the law, the consumer protectionists, nevertheless nine of the 25 examined shops also demanded the OVP in case of a revocation likewise.

OVP is required by many shops

The shops Babybjörn, Bolia, Charles-Vögele, Footshop, Hueta, Medpet and Schlummersack stated that each item must be returned in the OVP within the scope of the revocation. Cyberport and notebooks were threatened with “wertersatz” and “deductions from the purchase price,” customers should return the revoked articles without or with damaged OVP. “Something tricky, but still in keeping with the rules, was a Fashionshop (Engelhorn). He wanted to ensure the “fast processing” of returns without original packaging, “it says.

Although traders can not refuse to withdraw or impose sanctions if the original packaging is no longer in existence or in use, the consumer protection guards advise keeping them for a period of time:

Many traders voluntarily offer more than the 14-day right of withdrawal. They grant a right of return, which often exceeds the legal standard. 17 out of 25 merchants in the sample made use of them and extended their return periods from 14 to 30, in exceptional cases to 90 (Lidl) or even 100 days (Zalando).

Well, half (nine) of these stores, including Otto, Zalando, Bonprix and Tchibo, wanted to take back returns however only after the withdrawal time in the original packaging. And that is allowed. For customers, paradoxical packaging requirements apply in these shops: within 14 days they can return the goods without original packaging. If you take longer time, you need it for the return.

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