WhatsApp for iOS: Update with color filter and quick response function

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WhatsApp iOS Update – With the current version 2.17.30, the Messenger WhatsApp has updated the application for iOS and iPhone with new features. New is a color filter for the sending of pictures and a new function to send messages faster.

WhatsAp: iOS update

The new version of Messenger WhatsApp for iOS 2.17.30 is now available. The iOS app provides several useful features and can be downloaded from the App Store.

“Add your media color filter. Just wipe up and select a filter after you capture or select a photo, video or GIF, “is the description in the App Store.

Color filters and fast response

So far, the filter selection is not yet very large, but this may still change in the future. Another feature, already integrated in a beta version, is the collection of images. The receiver collects images in albums as soon as the number exceeds four images. Through the albums the clarity is preserved.

Practical is also the fast sending of messages. To use this function, the desired message must be wiped to the right after the update. The original message is displayed along with the response. Especially for group chats and when several people write at the same time, this possibility proves to be extremely useful.



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