Saturn Card: Free bonus program for technical fans

Saturn Card – Technology fans can participate and secure with every purchase on the card Saturn points and benefits now available at Saturn on a bonus scheme. The Saturn Card is available now and can be booked free of charge.

Saturn Card with Rewards

After media market since February 2016 offering its own club card, and Saturn is entering the world of loyalty programs and provides buyers with immediate effect free Saturn Card ready. The advantage program offers attractive graduations and some goodies like coupons and an extended exchange rights.

Crucial to the status of the card are called “bits” to get the customers with each purchase. 1 Euro value of goods equivalent to 10 bits here, more bits can be collected through product reviews, referrals and profile information. Who has 5,000, 15,000 and 25,000 bits together, rises to one level and receive more and better benefits.

Saturn Card with four stages

Beginners get the white Saturn Card and can view this their receipts online, make use of an extended right to exchange 28 days, use the free Saturn Card service hotline and benefit from invitations to art events and special opening times in the market, as well as vouchers and coupons.

5,000 collected bits, they are classified into the orange Saturn Card, which also contains a 5 € coupon Saturn, a 10 € coupon for JUKE and free standard delivery. With 15,000 bits and 25,000 bits represents Saturn provides the blue and the black card, which offers higher of advantages. Including Saturn vouchers worth up to 25 euros, premium deliveries, a 12 months valid technique protection and exclusive special offers.

Saturn Card Direct Entry

Saturn indicates that customers can go directly into higher levels of Saturn Card in part. About where they buy a product worth 500 euros (Saturn Card orange) or a purchase with an even higher value active (Saturn Card blue or black).

The Saturn Card is available now at and can be used among other things, a special app.
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