Xiaomi and Huawei failed plans for notebook sales

Xiaomi and Huawei did not achieve the expected success in the notebook market, according to Taiwan’s information portal DigiTimes, citing sources among suppliers of components for electronics.

According to it, Huawei had planned to sell at least 1 million laptops Matebook, but not more than 700 thousand. Copies were sold in reality. As for the model Xiaomi Air, the manufacturer’s expectations were not justified even further: instead of the planned 2 million pieces of print device only in the amount of 500 thousand units..

Despite the weak sales of Huawei and Xiaomi are not going to leave the notebook market. However, the volume of orders for the production of new models declined significantly, note the source publication.

Not so long ago, Huawei introduced a new Matebook with 12-, 13- and 15.6-inch displays cost from 900 to 1900 dollars. Contract manufacturing of these laptops entrusted to Pegatron and Quanta Computer, while the first generation going Matebook company Foxconn.

DigiTimes notes that, making plans for the notebook market, Huawei’s Xiaomi and relied on their brand recognition and extensive experience in the Chinese market. However, the company failed to achieve the desired results.



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