Omen X Compact Desktop computer can be used as VR-backpack

HP today introduced an interesting game system, called Omen X Compact Desktop: novelty sales will begin next month.

Announced device – a computer in a relatively compact package. Can use the system in two modes – a stationary and wearable as (VR) VR backpack.

In the stationary mode, a computer installed in a special dock with a set of ports. In particular, for connecting input devices, displays and other peripherals are available five connectors USB Type-A, connector USB Type-C, Ethernet port for network cable, HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces.

To use the system in a handheld mode will require special accessory-mounting. Power in this case provide a rechargeable battery. Thus, the user immersion into virtual reality is not constricted wires limiting freedom of movement.

With regard to the technical characteristics of the device, they include a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor generation Kaby Lake, a discrete graphics accelerator NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 16 GB RAM DDR4, SSD PCIe SSD with a capacity of 1 TB, the ports USB Type-A, Thunderbolt, HDMI, mini DisplayPort and so on.

Price Omen X Compact Desktop in this configuration will be approximately $ 2,500. Accessory System wearing will cost an additional $ 600.



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