Xiaomi and Apple shared leadership in the global market for wearable electronics

Xiaomi and Apple shared leadership in the global market for wearable electronics, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) analyst firm.

According to experts, in the first quarter of 2017 the global supply of gadgets designed to be worn on the body, totaled 24.7 million units, up 18% more than the year before. Xiaomi and Apple released approximately 3.6 million units, but the Chinese company formally took first place with a market share amounting to 14.7% against 14.6% in the US competitor.

The Fitbit, which held a palm in the January-March of 2016, a year later slipped to third place with a 12.3 percent equity result. It should be placed Samsung (5,5%) and Garmin (4,6%).

«Fitbit is in the midst of transformation, as users change their preferences with fitness bracelets to watches and other products , – says the manager of market research wearable electronics IDC Ramon Lamas (Ramon Llamas). – It allowed Xiaomi promote its low-cost devices in the Chinese market, and Apple – to use its dominant position in the global smart-hour segment. Now that Xiaomi and Apple pushed the Fitbit, the question is: will they be able to maintain its position. At the same Fitbit in any case should not be written off on the wearable electronics market, as the company has 50 million users, a strong presence in the corporate sector and assets that help it to be in the digital health leaders “ .



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